Managed VPS: CWP Pro Control Panel Now Available

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CWP Pro Control Panel is now available as an add-on with every managed VPS plan.
You can check the latest plans here -

cPanel is the most popular control panel used by millions. It is both secure and stable. However, they changed the licensing structure entirely in 2019. cPanel licenses are now based on the number of cPanel accounts that you host on your VPS. Each cPanel account can host an unlimited number of add-on domains, though.

You can find the cPanel pricing options on their website -

With our managed VPS plans, we offer the following discounted cPanel licenses.
cPanel Admin Cloud (5 accounts): $15/month (after a discount of $5/month)
cPanel Pro Cloud (30 accounts): $22/month (after a discount of $8/month)
cPanel Premier Cloud (500 accounts): $35/month (after a discount of $90/month)

We understand that lots of people were not happy with the change. To overcome the challenge, we have been considering several control panel options over the past few months.

We are glad to announce that we now offer CWP Pro as an add-on with every managed VPS plan for only $1/month. There is no limitation on the number of accounts that you can host.

Please check the demo of the control panel before you make a decision.

However, there are a few limitations that you need to consider before making a decision.

1. There is no "one-click" method to transfer accounts from CWP to cPanel. If you want to switch over from CWP to cPanel in the future, then you would need to manually transfer all files/folders, emails, databases, and everything else. It can take a lot of time, depending on the number of accounts and the amount of data. We, or any other provider, do not cover such migrations under the management. However, should you require assistance in such a situation, we offer help for a discounted flat fee of $10/hour. If you have backups on your computer and decide to order a new cPanel server in the future, then it would be easy for you to upload data from your computer to the new cPanel VPS. Irrespective of whether you want to switch to cPanel or not in the future, we strongly recommend all customers to take daily or weekly backups on their local computers if they consider using CWP Pro.

2. When it comes to security and stability, cPanel is the gold standard. If you want to use CWP Pro, make sure to keep regular backups on your computer.

3. VPS Hosting plans with CWP Pro control panel do not include our security shield, support guarantee, or any SLA. Certain features of our full management commitment and SLA promise are available with cPanel only. If you choose CWP Pro, we will offer help on a best-effort basis.

Note: It is technically not possible to change the control panel on an existing VPS. If you want to use a new control panel, you will have to order a new VPS at least four days before the expiry of the current VPS. Data migration from a different control panel is chargeable at $10/hour. You can also migrate data yourself or upload data to the new VPS from a local backup stored on your computer.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reply to the thread.