Odoo Hosting - Odoo 12 now available on Ubuntu 18.04


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Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority to us. That is why we proactively monitor our servers and ensure that every server has the highest possible uptime. All of our core servers had 100% uptime in the entire 2019 so far, thanks to our premium hardware and KVM virtualization. KVM isolates each VPS, which means that an abusive VPS does not affect the performance of other virtual servers on the same SSD. You can find more information on how KVM is better than cheap oversold OpenVZ plans at - https://www.linuxfox.com/managed-vps/kvm-vps-vs-openvz-vps/

It has come to our attention that Odoo 12 software has a few bugs on RHEL based operating systems like CentOS 7 and Fedora. For this reason, we now recommend Ubuntu 18.04 for Odoo 12. If you have Odoo 12 on any OS other than Ubuntu 18.04, you can submit a support ticket to request a reinstallation on Ubuntu. Please be sure to backup your database and Odoo add-ons before you submit a ticket. Any existing data will be lost during the process. Coincidentally, Odoo 12 appears to run better on Ubuntu.

Meanwhile, all other versions of Odoo continue to be available on CentOS.

Thank you once again for your continued patronage towards LinuxFox.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to post your reply here.